Lil Pieces

found some notes from darknessdevilgirl.com , just wanna keep it here. Enjoy..!!


May 12th, 2009 coretan hati, pic

(:  ngantuk..cape..gila banget 2 hari ni, dapet tugas diluar kantor mulu, jalan kesini, jalan kesana, but its ok, its fun anyway

dunno why, a long the road of this city, many things came up in my mind  i cannt say bad things or good things, cos all those memories just came inside, memories with persons, places, and many things i cannt explain. Somehow, [again] i feel grateful to be here.

when 1st i came to this city, i know nothing bout it, and i cannt take him anywhere, we both lost so many times (LOL)  and thats one reason what made this city precious to me, picture of him will always be found everywhere    wish i could say to him, now i know a lot bout this city, so i know where we should go next time you come    but, unfortunately that wont ever happen    so i ll just enjoy the memories of him.

(doh)  kenapa jadi ngelantur kemana-mana sih  malah jadi lupa mo ngomong apa *sigh* mmhh…sampai dimana tadi  oh ya, so along the journey, i see so many new faces, hear so many sound, and then it makes me think, life is so colorful

hmm…sebenerna waktu ngetik ini, ada yang manis manis ngajakkin ngobrol :shy: makana jadi postingan yang ga nyambung  and now im wondering, why this heart beat so fast

well, ga tau deh mo ngomong apa…ni senyum manis saia oleholehna *digaplok*

nahhh, manis kaaaann????    *kabur sebelum ditimpuk*

Chocolate Lovers

May 13th, 2009  for fun

last night, with my sista, we went to chocolate cafe. Usually we go there with aanother boy friends, drink chocolate and talk nonsense (drinking)  but last night, its just two silly tired girls  . Actually i dont wanna go out (:  , because im already out all day long, but since she asked me to go, i cannt refuse it .

So, we went there, and order chocolate drinks (drinking)  and cream soup (mmm)  which is sooooo delicious, u can see iit in the picture    she ordered strawberry ice cream and praline drunk and i myself ordered chocolate loko koko which is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sooooo sooooooo yummy (mmm)  well, im chocolate lovers anyway, and drink hot chocolate made my body relax and more sleepy than before, so we just spent about two hours then going home.



and, on the way home, as a narsist girls off course we took a picture

ladies night

Nighty Night

May 14th, 2009 for fun

second ladies night

well, again tonight i cannt get a sweet dream, instead of it, my friends and i [again] going to some place, well, okay..you know it from facebook status. yeap, we went to boshe (devil). Actually, 1st we planned to go to Empire, but then my friends were taking us to boshe (evilsmirk)  for me, i prefer cafe or chocolate restaurant because more quiet and refreshing there. Hot / Cold chocolate really work  for me, it makes  me getting sleepy  .

today, i mean yesterday -since this is 5 am in the morning – i had to out of the office to complete discboard meeting that will be hold on 20 May, yeap, its a big ocassion, and im the one who should prepare it, thanks God, its not too hot like yesterday, the cloud protect from the sun and getting black * im white,okay, protes gaplok*  but, today  yesterday i walked alot and i cannt feel my feet again *melebay* but so far i enjoy it

And there we are, at boshe, in the middle of loud music, dancing all night long  (banana_rock)  well, okay i just sat and move my head but friends of mine pull me to the top stage asked me to dance . We went home at 3.40 am in the morning, and even i really need to sleep, i cannt did it because i have to work in the morning 😎  so i spent time wait to the morning talking nonsense  (LOL)  and now, i havent sleep yet..but still have to work

well, this is us…*part of my friends who join the night*

me & friends

Love Hate

May 18th, 2009 coretan hati

have you ever fallen ?

into love that undefined

down deep till unfounded

have you ever hate ?

and anger dominate

so strong till it takes you away

love as feel like will die tomorrow

then find a way to make it precious

hate as you know you will life forever

then you will feel its useless

as we know life is just once

Love is another name of Hate when u feel it too much

Hate is another name of Love when u always try to satisfy

just another note of mind

just wanna say that sometimes we appreciate love when its gone

and sometimes hate just wasting time and mind

Place Like Home

May 23rd, 2009 verrouillé

the eye no longer shine
dark sky turn into shadow
eating the light as quick as it can
lost in the dark meadow

heart beating
silently screaming
fake smile showing
while the tears hanging
place like home that’ve been missing

wish i have my own time to think and crying


May 26th, 2009 eng, verrouillé

if i have that courage
to go to your place
would you see me ?
if only i follow what my “ego” want
just to see your face
would you meet me?
if just i can
leave all this behind
would you accept me?
all i want just to see you
all i need just to look at your smile
all i have to do just go there and meet you
and only if..

*sedang berusaha keras menjaga kewarasanku untuk tak berbuat nekat dan pergi menujumu*


May 26th, 2009 coretan hati, ind

ada kalanya aku hanya ingin terdiam

menutup semua pintu dan ruang

mendengar dan memandang

ada saatnya aku hanya ingin sendiri

berteman bayang sepi yang menari-nari

bukan karena sedang membenci

ada waktunya kubangun tembok tinggi

disekeliling sekedar melindungi

tak mau jatuh dan sakit lagi

kala aku terdiam

saat aku sendiri

waktu aku sembunyi

tetaplah disini

tunggu aku kembali

Dulu Dan Kini

June 1st, 2009 for fun

hatiku dulu tak begini

tapi kini tak sama lagi

Say It

June 6th, 2009 eng, for fun, verrouillé

You should tell me whats buggin you
And Imma tell ya bout me
Make a wish and tell me your deepest thoughts
And Imma make it easy
Make a wish tell me whats buggin you
And Imma tell ya bout me
Make a wish and tell me your deepest thoughts
And Imma make it easy

[Verse 1]
Emotions running wild
I could feel it when I’m next to you,
Something’s on ya mind
You wanna stay but wont tell me,
its about ya secrecy
So what are you tryna hide?
I know what the look means
You hold my hand so tightly,
Whenever we say goodbye
Standing by the door,
I could tell you can’t take no more
Blow your secret open wide

So maybe if you say it
Tell me what it is you likeeee (likee)
Baby baby dont be shyyy (shyy)
Maybe you can spend the nighttt (nii-iii-iightt)
If you say it
But if you playin (not wit it)
Cuz you know what I wanna hear (hearr)
Say it, that’ll make it more clear (clearr)
I need to know how you feel
So baby why wont you (say it), say it (say it)

[Bridge 1]
Wont’, won’t you tell me
What, what’s going on
Why, why you waitin’ on it
What you waiting for?
Soon you should tell me or I might be gone
But I’m here for you baby,
You should put me on

[Verse 2]
I won’t shoot you down,
Make you feel some kinda way
If you’ll be honest with me
Put away your pride,
I can see it in your face
You want me permanently (unh)
Like how i wine when we dancing,
I know how it happened
And I’m right there wit you
But I won’t be the first to out myself out there,
The feeling is mutual
But I bet if you

Say it
Tell me what it is you likeeee (likee)
Baby baby dont be shyyy (shyy)
Maybe you can spend the nighttt (nii-iii-iightt)
If you say it
But if you playin (not wit it)
Cuz you know what i wanna hear (hearr)
Say it, that’ll make it more clear (clearr)
I need to know how you feel
so baby why wont you (say it), say it (say it)

[Bridge 2 2x]
Your eyes steady talking
And your tryna fight it
But some things baby are not worth hiding
And we can find heaven,
If we go look together
So won’t, won’t you tell me,
And get it off your chest

So maybe if you say it (saa-ayyyy)
Tell me what it is you likeeee (what it is you like) (likee)
Baby baby dont be shyyy (shyy) (oh no no)
Maybe you can spend the nighttt (nii-iii-iightt)
If you say it
But if you playin (not wit it)
Cuz you know what I wanna hear (you know what I wanna hear) (hearr)
Say it, that’ll make it more clear (so boy say it loud and clear)
I need to know how you feel
So baby why wont you (say it), say it (say it) (saa-ayyyy ittt)

[Bridge 2 2x]
Your eyes steady talking
And your tryna fight it
But some things baby are not worth hiding
And we can find heaven,
If we go look together
So won’t, won’t you tell me,
And get it off your chest

Say it
Tell me what it is you likeeee (likee)
Baby baby dont be shyyy (shyy)
Maybe you can spend the nighttt (nii-iii-iightt)
If you say it
But if you playin (not wit it)
Cuz you know what i wanna hear (hearr)
Say it, that’ll make it more clear (clearr)
I need to know how you feel
so baby why wont you (say it), say it (say it)

arrrwww…i love Rihanna


June 6th, 2009 eng, verrouillé

start to believe to not believe
no such thing like heart thief
like a moon replace the sun
thats how the feeling came
deceive you in lonely time
gone when when it fullblown
left you drown


June 11th, 2009 coretan hati, eng

door locked

smilling face looking outside from the window

wave my hand as high as you can see

again, you just smile from the window

looking at me dancing at your grassy yard

enjoying play with little rabbit

come,come i scream

again, you just smile from the window

staring at me that still waiting

down on my knee im begging

for you to out and coming

and the tears falling

wait, i see your door creep

faster my heart beating

seeing you doubtfully peek

slowly walking through your door

giving you my hands to hold on

lets face the sun

im here to show you the world

again, you smile

this time im sure your smile is wonderful

[Never] Stop

June 12th, 2009 eng, verrouillé

i [wont] read your words

cos it [might be] hurt

[needs to] hear your voices

somehow [feel] scared

said im fool [moron]

called im [stupid] silly girl

but i [just] dont wanna fall

drowning [deep] to the endless [painful] well

i [try to] stop looking at you

even i knew i [never] cann’t stop thinking [of you]


June 16th, 2009 coretan hati, ind

sebuah . tak dapat menjadi ,

namun sebuah , dapat menjadi .

seperti > yang memerlukan waktu menjadi –

bukan tak mungkin merubah ? menjadi =

bahkan malam pun ada menggantikan pagi

entah . atau ,

tapi kalau memang bisa

kenapa kita tak bersama ?


June 18th, 2009 coretan hati, ind

dalam marah, ku diam
dalam sedih, ku diam
dalam kalut, ku diam
dalam bimbang, ku diam
dalam kecewa, ku diam
ijinkan aku untuk tak diam
saat badai rasa melanda
saat ombak rindu menyapu
karena diam mungkin membunuhku
setengah mati menahan inginku


June 18th, 2009 eng, verrouillé

for you, whom i [still] love , my silence is not my anger, is not my hate, is not because im coward [who wants to run away from feelings]. my silence because i knew, you wont me to tell the world how deep i fall for you, my silence is my guardian to not doing something make you uncomfortable, to not doing something make you run. my silence is my self defense to not fall apart.

for you, whom i [still] care, my silence is not my ignorance, is not my hate, is not because i want to annoy you. my silence because i feel dissapointed with you, and i cannt be mad even i want. my silence is my keeper to stay in line, to keep my sane. my silence is my guard emotion.

for you, who [just] came in my world, my silence is not my arrogance, my silence is not my refusal, my silence is a warning, to keep my feeling stably, to keep me from daydreaming. my silence is my part of my fear.

To Die

June 24th, 2009 eng, verrouillé

i just think…

that die alone when we r still young is better than die alone when we r old

its not about the death, its about loneliness

and if loneliness is what life bring

when emptyness is i feel in the crowd

then die young is a sweetness

Forgiven Not Forgotten

July 14th, 2009 eng, verrouillé

nothing much to say tonight

wish i can spread the pain through the wind that blow

hope i can burry my body deep down the sea

its like the old word that world use to say

we learn to walk everyday

learn to love

learn to survive

learn to forgive

learn to forget

however we r just human being

shit..what am i talking about

its hurt when we lost someone we love

its pain when we know we can not be with someone we love

but u know what..

it is kill you when you lost someone closer to you

more than your picture in a mirror

it is kill you when you feel empty and no one hear you anymore

it is kill you when you have to choose to forgive or forget

and, mate..

if you are reading this..

im not gonna change you with anything

so do my feeling, will not change him with everything in world

forgive my stubborness, my stupidity, my blindness that make us fight

there will be a time, mate

when i can really let him go away

bring all this pain and suffer

in the mean time, i need you to brave me

to give me another air to breathe

need you here a lot more than you know

instead of what i feel to him



*thanks for all wonderful things you did*


July 15th, 2009 coretan hati, eng

here i am now

lost in the middle

no stars to guide

no one to ask

nothing can be sign

then i found

poison is hundred time interesting

than caught in neverland

New Heart In New World

August 7th, 2009 eng, gerak langkah

there is new heart

ask me to come

there is new heart

ask me to visit

there is new heart

ask me to stay

new heart with the big smile

new heart with the warmth

new heart that be my new world

Cerita Jemari

August 27th, 2009 coretan hati, ind

dan kedua jemari bertautan

tiap jari menemukan lekuk yang sesuai

dan kulit bersentuhan

hangat menyusup perlahan

bahkan saat tanya membayang

jika taut jemari tak lagi sama

saat hangatnya tak lagi ada

dan jemari pun menjawab

memperkuat genggaman erat erat

melangkahi hati yang masih bimbang

*wondering, when the hands u hold, not longer mine, would it feel the same?*


August 29th, 2009 coretan hati, eng

every second i heard your voice
is a gallon happiness
each inch from your touch
is a million longing
everytime you smile
is a piece of heaven
and all that feelings
set me free

10101011 . 01101101

November 17th, 2009 ind, verrouillé


berkali kali memutar Miss You Lovena Silverchair

berpuluh kali melirik handphone

belasan kali mengecek facebook

menajamkan telinga untuk yang mungkin berdering

meski tahu itu tak lagi mungkin

hun…aku kangen..

Aku = Kamu

November 21st, 2009 ind, verrouillé


hey, siapa disana

dengan angkuhnya memandang balik mata


entah siapa kamu

yang terlihat ragu ragu

ucapkan saja rindu itu

teriakkan semua

ungkapkan seribu kata dibenakmu

buang semua angkuh dan ragu

karena kamu tahu, dia masih setia menunggu


December 7th, 2009 coretan hati, ind

Hari ni beberes kantor (gym)  , baru beli meja n lemari baru..akhirna punya singgasana sendiri  (evil_grin) *halah*. Pertama, dimulai dari merangkai meja  gara-gara temen kantor yang ngotot bisa, terpaksa jadi tukang, paku sana paku sini, akhirna memaku jari sendiri  . Ternyata sedikit bakat tukang dan banyak bakat merusak berguna juga  . Terpasanglah meja dan lemari dengan sempurna

Berhubung mo bersih-bersih total, termasuk merapikan alat-alat elektronik, jadilah itu kabel-kabel komputer dan entah apalagi yang berserakkan, dicabut semua  , tanpa ingat nanti dimana kudu mengembalikan    hohohoho

Sadar diri kalo punya penyakit amnesia, langsung deh sms yang tersayang  (ninja)  alasanna sih biar masangin tu kabel komputer padahal sebenerna sekaligus ngobatin kangen *halah, bahasane* TERNYATA *sengaja injek kepslok* si dia masih sibuk sama proyek masa depan kami(evilsmirk)  jadina belum bisa bantu pasangin   , akhirna pahlawan kedua pun dipanggil

Meskipun kabel-kabel akhirna terpasang, tapi tetap sadja masih belum bisa terkonak internet  (thinking)  karena masih ada proses pengerimpingan yang belum selesei  setidakna terimakasih pada sang pahlawan yang membantu memasangkan kabel dengan semestinya  (girlkiss)

Dan, terpaksa harus menanggung semalam lagi penuh kerinduan *njijik’i bahasane* karena si dia masih berkutat dengan deadline

Sekarang, waktuna membereskan yang tersisa  meskipun badan setengah mati lelahna, apa boleh buat, harus diseleseikan sekarang. Karena besok bakal jadi hari yang panjang  , sedikitberharap dia akan datang, melegakan perasaan dan menumpahkan kerinduan

Ga akan pernah bosen buat bilang, SEMANGAT ya hun…!!! komputerku masih belum terkonakan *ah, dasar alasan*


December 6th, 2009 ind, undefine

beritahu aku

dunia yang tercermin di matamu

ceritakan padaku

seperti apa hidup dari balik pandangmu

berbagilah denganku

keceriaan yang tergambar dalam tatapmu

biarkan bibir mungilmu berceloteh

lepaskan saja kedua tangan yang ingin terus bergerak

tak keberatan melihatmu meloncat-loncat

tak pernah bosan mendengarmu tergelak

dan, mencintaimu adalah hal yang mutlak..


December 8th, 2009 ind, verrouillé

dia sederhana

tak rumit seperti hitungan matematika

tak memusingkan seperti rumus fisika

dia hanya dia

yang menjadi seperti adanya

yang terbiasa dengan kesendiriannya

yang membutuhkan rasa sakit hanya untuk tersadar

bahwa dia jatuh cinta

dia sederhana

tak peduli berapa rupiah di dalam dompetnya

tak memikirkan jumlah yang ia punya

dan ia, memang sederhana

tak mengerti bagaimana berkata-kata

jangankan puisi atau bunga

merayu saja sambil tertawa

cukup baginya aku tahu

saat ia sepenuh hati merindu

dan kata tak lagi bermakna

ketika dengan senang hati ia menggendongku

saat aku lelah dan tak lagi mau berjalan

dan semua rasa tersampaikan

dengan hanya satu tatap matanya

menembus langsung ke dalam hati

menebarkan seribu kata cinta

tak terucapkan, namun mengambang di udara

tak berbentuk, namun kutahu ia ada

ia memang sederhana

untuk lelaki ku, cukup cintai aku dengan segala kesederhanaanmu. karena kamu hanya lah kamu

Dan, Lagi..Cerita Hari Ini..

December 8th, 2009 ind

Baru balik dari Police Department *halah* ternyata ga se mendebarkan seperti yang kukira xixixixi meskipun tetep aja malas klo kudu kesana lagi

Gara-gara ada yang sungguh bodoh nekat nge jebol kamar si Bos (doh)  semua staf jadi kena getahna (nottalking)  dan karena bos emosi, jadilah dilaporkan ke pihak yang berwenang.

Jadi, ceritana waktu si Bos keluar kota, ada yang dengan gobloknya nekat ngembat 2 buah hengpun beliau, sementara keadaan kamar terkunci. Anehna, 2 hengpun yang letakna berjauhan itu, hilang beserta dengan dus book na yang letakna didalam lemari diluar kamar, yang menimbulkan kecurigaan kalau pelakuna ya kita sendiri. Astagfirullah, rasana ga karu-karuan, kantor jadi penuh rasa curiga, terlebih lagi kamar beliau tepat disebelah kamarku, meskipun aku selalu lebih banyak di kantor.

Dan, hari ni jadi orang pertama yang dipanggil buat dimintain kesaksianna :-&  sungguh, kalo aku tau siapa yang nakal, udah aku gebukkin abis-abisan pasti (idiot)  bikin orang repot aja, padahal masih banyak yang kudu dipikirin.

Alhamdulillah, semua berjalan lancar, meski deg-deg pyar karena keingat beberapa tahun silam*pandangan menerawang* waktu itu juga sempet “terlibat” ma Police Department karena mencintai orang yang salah (ninja)  yah, buat kamu yang tahu ceritana pasti maklum, yang belum tahu, maaf ya bukan konsumsi umum  .

Semoga ini terakhir kalina berurusan dengan Police Department selain urusan SIM, atau surat surat yang lain..amin..

Dan, semoga masalah ini cepat terselesaikan..

Tentang Kamu

December 11th, 2009 ind, verrouillé

Lelaki ku..

aku jatuh cinta [padamu]

kala kesadaran menghantam ego mu

bahwa kau jatuh cinta [padaku]

aku jatuh cinta [lagi]

kala kebimbangan membutakanmu

dan kecemburuan menguasai

hanya karena [kamu] mencintaiku

aku jatuh cinta [lagi]

kala hangat jemarimu

menggenggam erat menguatkanku

meyakinkan kamu ada

aku jatuh cinta [lagi]

kala pelukanmu menenangkanku

memaafkanku yang terlupa

meninggalkan barang berharga mu begitu saja

aku jatuh cinta [lagi]

pada senyum malu-malu

yang menghiasi wajahmu

meyakinkanku, 5 atau 10 lagi

senyum itu masih milikku

jangan pernah membuatku berhenti jatuh cinta lagi padamu, lagi..lagi..dan lagi

Bad Day

December 11th, 2009 ind, verrouillé

hiks…rasa na pengen teriak kenceng-kenceng  . Gara-gara terburu napsu n udah bosan pada puncakna, nekat nyalon di tempat yang ngga biasa. Seperti yang sudah diduga, hasilna GATOT alias HANCUR   ..aaaaaaaaaaaarggggghhhhh!!!!jadi pengen nyakar nyakar kapsterna nih      .

Padahal hasrat hati cuma pengen ganti warna rambut , sedikit memberi pencerahan, hasilna malah ga karu karuan   hiks hiks padahal besok mo training orang, ada meeting penting, paling penting sih..mau nganter si dia hiks kan ga asyik kalo gara-gara rambut jadi ga pede

Terpaksa, malam ini juga, apapun carana, rambut kudu bisa balik hitam, dan yang lebih menyebalkan lagi, terpaksa harus merelakan rupiah yang terbuang percuma

Today News

December 12th, 2009 Uncategorized, ind

06.30 : panic karena warna rambut yang berantakan  alt=”(idiot)”>

08.30 : pake pewarna rambut yang ke4 kali na

09.15 : kebutkebutan ke bandara

09.30 : cari souvenir buat dia

10. 26 : farewell @ airport

11.30 : kebutkebutan anter surat penting yang ketinggalan  *already miss u*

11.45 : kepleset karena larilari kebelet pipis  *wish u here*

12.32 : ngurusin filefile penting

14.22 : meeting

15. 35 : siapsiap sekulah

16.40 : telat masuk kelas, ujian

17.30 : pulang, tepar karena obat, setelah sebelumna telp2an

menidur dan terbangun karena telpon, what a day for me. Overall, this is HOT SUNNY DAY..!!well, mari tetap semangat, karena aku tahu kamu pun iya *siapsiap nahan kangen berabadabad*


December 14th, 2009 ind, verrouillé

saya benci kamu

benci ketidakpekaanmu

benci ketaksensitifanmu

benci ketakpedulianmu

benci sampai saya ingin pergi

benci sampai saya ingin memaki

kamu tahu…

saya lelah harus terus mengerti

saya capek harus terus memahami

saya benci harus terus menghargai tanpa dihargai

saya muak dengan kata maaf tanpa bukti

saya benci kamu

dan semoga hanya untuk malam ini

A Second

December 22nd, 2009 ind, verrouillé

sedikit saja, beri aku tempat disudut hatimu

acuhkan saja bila kau terganggu

sebentar saja, beri aku waktu dalam 1 x 24 jam mu

lambaikan saja tanganmu bila kau terburu-buru

sekerjap saja, biarkan aku hadir dalam kerling matamu

melirik saja bila kau tak suka

itu saja, cukup buatku bahagia

Tepian Rasa

January 4th, 2010 ind, verrouillé

terkadang, kaki tak sanggup lagi berlari

terkadang, rasa tak mau lagi mengerti

terkadang, hanya ingin diam

terkadang, sakitnya tak terobati

tutup pintu, saatnya pergi


April 28th, 2010 verouille

dapatkah kau dengar suaraku ?

berbisik seperti hembusan angin

menanyakan kabarmu

dapatkah kau rasa kekhawatiranku ?

menetes seperti embun pagi hari

sekedar ingin tahu tentangmu

dapatkah kau raba kecemasanku

berbintik bintik bagai gatal yang menyebar

tak sabar mendengar kisahmu

yah, karena aku tak mungkin berteriak

ditengah isak tangis yang menyergap

yah, aku pun tak mungkin menghampiri

disaat tatapnya menusuk jiwa

yah, aku hanya bisa berharap

kamu baik baik saja dengannya

dia, yang jatuh cinta mati padamu

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